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League of Legends, a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (or MOBA) game, is available. You control one character from three options that you can use to fight against an opponent. It’s a team-based, 5-on-5 strategy game. It’s very easy. Your aim is to destroy the base of your enemy before theirs. There are two bases located on the opposite sides of the map, and there are three ways via which you enter the enemy’s base. You have the ability to control the river that flows across the middle of the map. You will also be able to utilize Turrets to aid your team win the fight.

While this is an easy explanation, it gives a good idea of what LoL is about. I’d love to share more.

How Does This Game Play?

What makes LoL such a fun game? What I want to explain here is not just the mechanics of the game. It’s not about the way it operates similar to other games. But it is about why it stands out and what makes it stand out.

Let’s first say that the game has developed from its first appearance as a “mod” of Warcraft 3. Many were intrigued by the gameplay mechanics of the mod, and League of Legends was created shortly after. The original creator of LoL is no longer responsible for it. He transferred the rights to Riot Games, which currently runs League of Legends today.

Although MOBA games have been around for quite some time but this game brought them to the forefront. Other MOBA games are on the market, but none of them are as popular as LoL in both popularity and the quality of contents offered.

A lot of League of Legends players are familiar with gaming terminology. If you’ve ever played in the FPS (First Person Shooter) game such as Call of Duty , Counter-Strike or Halo You are already familiar with a lot of terms used in League of Legends. There’s not a complicated controls, so anyone who has ever played an FPS game can figure out LoL.

You can buy things for your character to help them during battle. To make your character stronger, you can also get levels and gold. Certain characters are more complex than others. The game is always evolving therefore the characters you play today may be different tomorrow (because Riot Games releases new content every couple of weeks).

LoL’s distinctiveness is due to “Riot Points.” The Riot Points can be used to purchase things for your account like skins (different designs for your champion) as well as boosts that assist you in increasing your level quicker, and even visual improvements to your character’s spells. It is possible to purchase a skin for any character in the game, regardless of whether it’s one the original characters or something Riot has created on their own. This is great for you as you’re trying to stand out from other players while playing this game. Riot is also benefited by this as a lot of players want to be unique and stand out from the rest. They will spend money to acquire that virtual currency.

The point I’m trying to make is that this game offers more depth than you may realize. If you’re hoping to get to higher levels, it requires the time to think and plan. Although you are able to play with ease but you must be prepared with a plan if your goal is to become the best.

It is unlike Halo where if you die after minutes and get back into the action. It takes some time to recover your mana and health after League of Legends death so you can return to combat. Your companions must cover the gap while you’re away.

If they do not make it difficult to make it happen, because you’ll be behind your opponents.

This game requires an incredible amount of teamwork, strategizing and skill to master. It is possible to play with your friends, but you have to be a real player to be able to execute the best strategies and succeed.

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