How to find the best whelping boxes for your dog

The whelping box is an essential tool for any breeder who is new. Without one, it will be nearly impossible to have puppies naturally . There are just too many things you’ll need to accomplish at the same time. If you’re in a space that’s limited an item that can fold up into a smaller space could be a great alternative.

It is important to keep these things in your mind while looking at whelping boxes

Size/Capacity: Most boxes provide a recommended size range for your dog. Even though larger dogs are better If your dog is beyond this size range, it’s possible to have your dog along. Do the puppies have enough size before they are able to leave?

Ease Of Cleaning: most baby boxes are made of plastic. They’re very easy to clean, but they will not fit in your dishwasher. Does this make them too big for the kitchen counter when folded up?

Quality Of The Fasteners/Attachments: some whelping boxes are just flat pieces of plastic, with no real method to attach anything. Some boxes come with simple Velcro attachments that wear quickly. Some snaps are heavy-duty and industrial strength. You can find out which one is right for your needs.

Foldability/Portability: if you are tight on space, and need something that will fit into a small room when not in use (ie: living room), then portability may be an important feature for you. If this is the case, try to find a container that can easily be folded into a compact size and then taken out of the way.

It is possible to make use of it in the breeding season?

If you’re thinking of breeding your dog, having an training tool that can not easily transformed into a whelping whelping tool could be a problem. You need to use the same tools as you would for whelping puppies as you do to breed – so if this tool isn’t able to accomplish both tasks, find an alternative.

Do The Puppies Have Enough Room To Move Around? Also, you must to make sure that your pet is not placed in a cramped space during labor. If she’s got too little space to move around and the puppies are left with no place to go and they may die or be crushed by their mother. The whelping pot for dogs should have enough space that the mother can freely move about but not so far that the puppies cannot be able to enter.

There are a myriad of other aspects to consider when purchasing a whelping container for your dog. These fundamentals will help you make an informed decision.

In short, whelping containers for dogs aid the breeder to monitor a pregnant dog and also assist in having a smooth delivery. A whelping box will provide an environment that is safe to give puppies that are not in the vicinity of other pets or children that may cause harm to them. These boxes are helpful even after the birth of your baby as they will allow you to keep an eye on the mother and her puppies.

However, high-quality whelping boxes can be costly. If you don’t intend to breed your dog, but nonetheless want a whelping box that’s strong enough to be used for training, then you buy one equipped with removable covers so it could be used as a regular crate for training or Kennel.

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